At Enjoy Your Party, we pride ourselves on three philosophies:

  • Providing YOU with the best service possible is the driving force of our business. At Enjoy Your Party, our number one priority is YOU. Hosting an event can be an overwhelming task, which is why we are there every step of the way. Our management team and staff have completed a comprehensive training program to ensure you are receiving the best service. The success of your event drives our business forward.
  • The quality of an event is measured by the quality of the staff. Enjoy Your Party is the leading staffing agency devoted to food service. The quality of service at an event will always be remembered by a host and their guests, which is why we pride ourselves on the quality of staff who represent us. Our commitment to quality service leaves our customers satisfied and their guests feeling welcome, making Enjoy Your Party the premier staffing agency.
  • We strive for excellence by embracing professionalism on every level within our company. At Enjoy Your Party, our corporate office and field teams are committed to our core values and the adaptation of the Y.E.S.S. culture. Having this professional mindset is what keeps Enjoy Your Party on track towards excellence.


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