Growing up in a strict Italian household, by honest and hardworking immigrants, Rosanna Morlando learned at a young age that it is important to take pride in her work, regardless of what that work may be. This mindset has been the foundation of everything Rosanna has done, including building Enjoy Your Party.

At 12 years of age, Rosanna picked up any job she could find. In only eight years, she was able to fill her resume with experience in bridal salons, bakeries, supermarkets, restaurants, and caterers. While working, she learned the true meaning of "White Glove Service" and the importance of customer satisfaction.

As a full time working mother of two in the mid-90s, Rosanna decided she needed a change of pace. In order to spend more time at home with her children, she quit her full time position at a car dealership and started working on the weekend for caterers. But Rosanna is different than most. She would not simply work an event. Rather she would take initiative and run the entire event. At every event she serviced, she would say to the host, "Please let me do the work for you so that you can Enjoy Your Party!"

Thus, Enjoy Your Party, Inc was born. From working catered events, Rosanna soon realized there was a demand for professional wait staff in the restaurant and catering industry. This realization sparked a new business venture. In 1996, Rosanna set up an office in her home, hired 5 employees, most of which are still with EYP today, and trained them to work catered events in private venues. Rosanna's client list rapidly grew, and in 1998, Enjoy Your Party became incorporated with a focus on providing wait staff to events in private homes.

Today, Enjoy Your Party employs more than 350 trained employees, and provides staff seven days a week to more than 50 off-premise caterers, country clubs, hospital, universities, banquet and catering halls, and food service groups throughout New Jersey, New York City, Eastern Pennsylvania, and South East Florida.

Rosanna has spent the past 20 years fine tuning her past work experiences and skills, adding coordinating, decorating, and proper food etiquette to her resume. She takes pride in what she does and instills these same values in her employees. Rosanna believes that honest, hard work and paying attention to detail with a smile will always leave a lasting impression.


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