Our Team
Our Team

Rosanna Morlando, CEO Rosanna Morlando established Enjoy Your Party in 1996 as a small business. Over the past 20 years she has worked endlessly to grow and develop the company into the success it is today. Mrs. Morlando continually strives to build a reputable business throughout the industry nationwide. To learn more about Rosanna and her unique work ethic, please visit the "Our Story" tab.

Maria Morlando, Executive Director of Training and Development Maria Morlando graduated from The College of New Jersey with a bachelor's degree in English and Secondary education. She has transferred her knowledge and passion for education to our corporate offices, where she has developed a comprehensive training program. Ms. Morlando works daily to ensure all staff members on the Enjoy Your Party team are knowledgeable and well trained on their work assignments. She also frequently visits job sites to fine tune employee skills, and holds training classes for both new and current employees. Ms. Morlando has also been working hard developing the Enjoy Your Party brand in terms of marketing and franchising.

Giuseppe Morlando, Recruitment and Franchise Operations Manager Giuseppe Morlando has gained an impressive amount of experience in Business Administration and management since joining our team from such a young age. While serving as both Recruitment and Franchise Operations Manager, Mr. Morlando has been driving the company forward by introducing fresh ideas and recruiting strong talent all while maintaining a clear vision for the development of Enjoy Your Party as a franchise and brand.


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