event orchestration
EVENT Orchestration

This person is extremely important for the success of any event. Their main function is to manage and control all aspects of your event while ensuring your vision is achieved.

Event Captain:

Works in conjunction with the Maitre'd to execute event success and to manage all staff provided by Enjoy Your Party.


Designed specifically for venue visits, floor plan and layout design. This nominal fee is deducted upon signing of contract.

All Events Are:
  • Staffed by Enjoy Your Party.
  • Supervised by a floor captain.
  • Managed by our event Maitre'd.

Just think about this for a moment.

According to the 2018 Wedding Report an average wedding costs $37,000.
Having the right Partner to manage your event is critical.

A Typical 5-hour Wedding includes:

1-hour Cocktail hour and 4-hour reception...
5hrs x 60 minutes per hour = 300 total minutes
$37,000 / 300= $123.00 per minute

Should your Wedding be just 15 minutes behind schedule, that can potentially cost you an additional $1800 in overtime fees. Partnering with Enjoy Your Party we will ensure that your timeline is managed to eliminate those additional overtime costs charged by your Vendors.


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